Zendaya Prepares New Shoe Collection for Spring


The multi-talented Zendaya is getting ready to launch her new shoe line, Daya, in Spring 2016. At only 18, the Disney channel star has accomplish more than most. She has showcased her acting chops in K.C. Undercover and Shake It Up, she has displayed her musical abilities with her hit “Replay”, she has hosted the Radio Disney Music Awards, and the list goes on and on. There is nothing she can’t do. And to prove it, she is entering into the fashion world to express her love of fashion with a new shoe collection.

Zendaya has become a fashion icon to young girls and women alike. She utilizes her Tumblr page to share her favorite outfits and provide inspiration to fellow fashionistas. Every time she is on the red carpet, she slays us with her style, grace, and, of course, her outfits. The great part about seeing Zendaya on the red carpet is not knowing what to expect. Her style changes daily and that’s what many of have fans love about her.

The name of Zendaya’s collection, Daya, was her childhood nickname and is a collaboration between her and her stylist, Law Roach. The twosome created a line of high-heels, fringed flats, made-for-summer sandals, and wedge sneakers. The prices will range from $125 to $175, and the shoe line was inspired by the women in Zendaya’s life. “I was inspired by everyday women,” she says. “ And I was inspired a lot by my niece — she’s in college — and my sister, who’s a working woman with two kids and a husband. I constantly ask them how do they find stuff, how much would they pay for a good shoe and what they are looking for.” Zendaya really wants this collection to help “normal” women and girls feel beautiful at an affordable price. She also wants her shoes to be easily accessible as well. “The kind of women we’re targeting are real women [who] want a good shoe they can wear to their job interviews, but still be stylish and not break the bank,” she says. “But it’s not like that typical look for less. No, these are dope shoes and you don’t have to spend three years trying to buy them.”

Zendaya is also gearing up to release some new music. She recently gave us a snippet of a Timbaland produced track on her Instagram. Zendaya is taking over the world and we can’t wait to see what she does next.