Zemfira – Living In Your Head (Zemfira – Жить В Твоей Голове)

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Zemfira’s video for “Жить В Твоей Голове” (“Living in Your Head”) is subtle but stirring. The video begins in black and white and features an elegantly-dressed blonde woman standing on the street. It also begins with a sudden cheer from a crowd, revealing that the music is actually a live recording. As the woman slowly makes her way home, she seems to be struggling with some kind of emotional pain. She arrives inside and sits on her windowsill with the sun streaming in around her. In an impact moment that floods the senses, the woman picks up a paintbrush and begins painting her face bright red. The rest of the scene is still in black and white, so the slow painting of color is a powerful change. As soon as she has completely covered her face and neck in the red paint, the entire frame explodes into a new scene. Suddenly, you see where the opening cheers had been coming from. The video now pulls you into one of Zemfira’s concerts. As the crowd holds up thousands of glowing red hearts and sways, the entire video is woven together in color and mood.

Director – Renata Litvinova

Website: zemfira.ru