Zara: 18 Facts About Your Favorite Store (Part 1)

Zara has become a beloved, sophisticated destination for the style needs of every fashionista. No matter how in love you are with this classy store, there is always more to learn! Compiled into a neat and informative little list, we have finally brought you the top 18 facts that you never knew about Zara! Stay tuned for our part two article, coming soon with the top nine facts about Zara!

Number Eighteen: Zara on Top

Zara is known for making strides in the retail industry. It is owned by Inditex, the company that holds the title for the world’s largest apparel retail company.

Number Seventeen: Ortega on Top

With such a successful retail chain and fashion business, it makes sense that the owner of this top retail company is vastly profitable as well. His name is Amancio Ortega and is better known as the fourth richest man in the world.

Number Sixteen: The Mysterious Man

The media is exceedingly eager to get a moment of this established man’s time, but he simply will not have it. Ortega is a man who enjoys his privacy and his solitude, and has never, not once, given an interview.

Number Fifteen: Expansion

Zara is only one of the company’s flourishing chains but still adds up some impressive numbers. This store alone has a total of 2,000 locations, spread internationally across 88 countries.

Number Fourteen: The First Location

Of all of these stores, Inditex takes particular pride in the store that holds the title of the first of many to open its doors, as early as 1975. It is settled in the premier location of the coastal town of Coruña in Northwest Spain.

Number Thirteen: From the Heart of Spain

Despite the store’s vast expansion, Ortega still takes pride in his Spanish roots. More than 50% of Zara’s extensive stock of products are still manufactured when the store’s roots are held, in Spain.

Number Twelve: The Name Change

Zara is quite a sophisticated and catchy name for the retail chain, although it was the result of a name change in the establishment of the company, It was initially called Zobra, which we think is equally as enticing as the current title.

Number Eleven: The Reasoning

Zobra is a beautiful name for a clothing store, but Ortega felt that it had to be altered. The main reasoning for this is that Zobra was the name of a previously established local bar in Coruña.

Number Ten: The Facilities

It takes quite a bit of floor space to produce an extensive line of hit products to stock the shelves of Zara. The prime warehouse in use for the company’s production measures out at roughly 5 million square feet. Stay tuned for our part two article, coming soon with the top nine facts about Zara!