Youth Lagoon – Raspberry Cane

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Youth Lagoon’s (aka Trevor Powers) ambient music video for “Raspberry Cane” explores and follows strange, prehistoric, and alien like animated creatures with large eyes in slow motion. The animation manages to capture the illuminating and eye grabbing beauty of light as it moves through space. Two dimensional people with disproportionate faces stare in awe at the strangely beautiful creatures. One rises up, shaped similar to an octopus, with markings the color of molten lava. Another resembles a jellyfish under a black light, floating with glowing eyes, a black face, and flowing light blue hair. Yet another lifts its wings like a burning tiger of a phoenix, with sparks and embers from its body flying out away from it, falling softly around the bemused, grayish people who squint against the flames. The most humanoid being in the video appears to be a thin, young boy, floating face down in a swimming pool with a red cap and blue shorts on. He swims at first, but a bioluminescent creature circles ominously below him. The next time we see him the boy isn’t moving anymore. Through a forest of silhouetted trees, balls of light are visible in the distance as the video fades out.

Music by Youth Lagoon on FDRMX
Directed by Stephen McNally
Label – Fat Possum Records