Young Thug Debut’s ‘Constantly Hating’ Video

Young Thug dropped the video for “Constantly Hating” off of his mixtape “Barter 6” on Friday night and it’s pretty obvious that he isn’t letting his beef with Lil Wayne get in the way of making music or showing off how lux he’s living. The Atlanta rapper, who’s mixtape currently sits at the top of the charts, can be seen showing off thick wads of money and hanging out with Birdman. The drama between Birdman, Lil Wayne and Young Thug is nowhere to be seen but it definitely seems as though Thug is laughing in the face of his haters, hence the name of the track.

Fans have been anxiously waiting for the release of the “Constantly Hating” video and it seems as though Thug did not disappoint. The video is filled with all the things you’d expect from a hip hop video – money and expensive cars being the main two themes. Young Thug has made it, and he wants everyone to know it, especially his haters The tune is catchy enough to make people want to listen, which is probably why over 80.000 people have watched it since it’s release less than 24 hours ago.

As the video for “Constantly Hating” premiered, fellow Atlanta rapper TI talked about his work on “Barter 6”. He said that he and Young Thug have recorded more than enough new music to drop their own album, but he is staying neutral on the feud between Thug and Wayne. A smart move, since he works with both artists and Thug is somehow associated with TI‘s Grand Hustle label.

The beef between Weezy and Thug goes back to Thug’s decision to call his album Carter VI, which he says was paying “homage” to Wayne but fans saw as a diss to the self-proclaimed greatest rapper alive. Since the backlash, Thug has changed his album title to Hy!£UN35 (the easier title is ‘HiTunes’) and it will drop on August 28. The “Barter 6” mixtape is the first solo project for Thug in two years.

Until the actual album, fans can watch the flashy video for “Constantly Hating”. It features Birdman, which may or may not be yet another diss towards Lil Wayne.

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