Young Love: Nick Young and Iggy

Everybody loves engagements, especially when the young love birds are Iggy Azalea and her beau basketball player on the Los Angeles Lakers team, Nick Young. Young proposed to rapper Iggy as a happy birthday present to himself with a 10.43 carat engagement ring, which experts value at $500,000. The blushing bride-to-be’s new ring is so big she can barely lift it on her dainty finger. Fans who follow the couple on Instagram are ebullient with joy and congratulations. “Nick was very involved in designing the ring,” reported the jeweler master craftsman, based in Beverly Hills. “We wanted it to be both a ring of Iggy’s dreams and a ring that fit her personal style. It is always an honor when a client trusts me to help design a ring that symbolizes one of the most important decisions of their life.” That is so romantic! And according to insider reports, Azalea loves the heft of her new bling. The star has been quite generous with showing pictures of her new rock on social media since the announcement was made. Let’s take a look at some of these pictures.


❤️❤️ Une photo publiée par Iggy Azalea (@thenewclassic) le 2 Juin 2015 à 1h01 PDT


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Happy 30th to my now old man nick! I’ll save the really mushy stuff for inside your birthday card that way you can blackmail me with it later. For now it’s just a simple: I looooove you, I’d do anything for you. Glad you exist etc etc. 😬😜😉 Ps. If we get old together don’t die before me. (Jk) 😘 Une photo publiée par Iggy Azalea (@thenewclassic) le 1 Juin 2015 à 9h31 PDT


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