You Won’t Believe How These Animals Were Being Treated

When you work as a volunteer for an animal rescue center, you see the worst cases of abuse. Adam Parascandola has seen more heart-breaking stories than a person could bear to see. But in all his years of experience, he’s never thought that he would discover this horrible place.

He and the team went to see an abandoned property in Jones County, North Carolina. At first, he was shocked and then rage built in

20. A Decrepit Building

Adam got on the property and he soon found out that the building housed a lot of dogs, which were caged. As he started getting the poor animals out of the cages to take them away, one cage wouldn’t open. You won’t believe why!

19. Rusty Cages

The cages were so rusted that Adam had to use tools to open them. That meant only one thing: the poor dogs almost never saw the world outside their cages. Adam soon recovered from his shock and became angry.

18. Understanding the Situation

Adam knew what this place was. It was a puppy mill, where people lock up dogs and breed them to sell. These poor souls were neglected and raised in filth. The next images will make you sick.

17. Easy Money

Puppy mills are an easy way to make money, at the expense of poor animals. But thanks to Adam, who raided dozens of such places over the years, a lot of dogs found better homes.

16. An Official Dog Breeder

It’s a huge responsibility to breed a type of dogs. It takes patience, and the animals must have a pedigree. They have to be certified and declared in good health and it’s forbidden to breed them until reaching maturity, or with dogs from their genealogy or other breeds.

15. Puppy Mills – A Living Hell

But the places Adam raided were the opposite, they were a living hell for the poor animals that were forced to breed even at young ages. With all the places Adam has raided, he wasn’t prepared to see this…

14. Living in Filth

They’ve never seen such a filthy home, housing dozens of abused dogs. And that’s not all! Behind the house, there was a shack that they first believed to be only for storage. But they would soon find out that they were very wrong!

13. More Neglected Animals

The shack was stacked with more cages of neglected animals. That’s where Adam saw a little Chihuahua in a rusted cage. The poor dog has been sitting in that cage for so long, that Adam couldn’t open the door. He had to use wire cutters to free the poor dog.

12. Meet Billy

Adam decided to name the old Chihuahua Billy. The dog was 10 years old and almost dead when Adam rescued him. Billy’s jaw was in terrible shape, and he was severely underweight. Here is what Adam said about dogs from puppy mills.

11. Terrible Conditions

In an interview, Adam said that ‘puppy mill dogs often appear much older than they are due to their terrible conditions, but we are confident Billy is at least 10, though now he seems to get younger every day’. Adam took this heart-melting decision.

10. Adopting Billy

Adam fell in love with the poor dog, and he decided to adopt him. With Billy’s help, Adam raised funds that he sent to the Humane Society of the United States. This way animal welfare issues would get a chance of being solved.

9. A Rough Life

Thanks to people that love animals, Billy had a chance to live a better life. He improved a lot since Adam adopted him and just look at how well he’s doing! But this is not the only heart-breaking case. Check out this little dog that took the first step in changing his life…

8. Driving on a Dirt Road

One day, Danielle Finley and her boyfriend, both from Pennsylvania, drove down a road. Looking in the rearview mirror, Danielle saw something. She couldn’t believe her eyes: it was a dog chasing the car.

7. A Great Decision

The couple decided to stop the car and see what was wrong with the dog. They waited for it to approach them and they were both shocked to see that the dog was in a terrible condition. It was barely alive!

6. A Cairn Terrier

The dog was small and not only did it have a skin condition, but it was also missing some fur and it was malnourished. Danielle and her boyfriend couldn’t leave the dog behind, so they took it to the vet, after giving it some water and food.

5. This is Phil

The couple named the dog Phil and took him to the vet, where they discovered that Phil’s condition wasn’t mange. He was suffering from a disease that was only common in pets and not in strays. This meant that Phil was someone’s dog.

4. Spending His Life in a Cage

Looking at the dog’s teeth, the vet realized that someone kept Phil in a cage for a very long time. Perhaps Phil was also a victim of the puppy mills: locked inside a cage and then abandoned when seeing that his health worsened.

3. Happy and Healthy

The couple couldn’t bear to abandon Phil, so they decided to adopt him. In a few weeks, after following a special diet and some treatment, Phil looked happy and healthy. And not only did he live a new life, but he got two parents and two friends.

2. Welcome Home

The other two dogs that Danielle and her boyfriend had welcomed Phil to the family and now they all play in the house and outside. Phil has a bond with the family’s Boston terrier and he’s living the life.

1. Getting The Love and the Care They Deserve

A best man’s friend should get the best care and love. They’re our loyal companions and are always by our side to offer comfort and joy. Seeing these cases of dogs forced to live in cages and in filth is heart-breaking. But, thanks to these kind people like Adam and Danielle, some of the dogs live a better life.