Years & Years – King

British trio Years & Years released the music video for their hit single “King” earlier this year, and I was quite surprised by its content. Throughout the video, individuals dressed in all-white clothing follow the three members of Years & Years (Olly Alexander, Mikey Goldsworthy, and Emre Turkmen) and control their movements. However, small jumps between clips reveal that these mystery people are in fact not real, but just imaginary entities controlling the band’s movements. While this is an extremely strange concept for a music video, it fits perfectly with the lyrics of this song. Lead singer and keyboard player Olly Alexander sings “Oh I was a king under your control / Oh I wanna feel like you’ve let me go / So let me go.” At the end of the video, all of the mysterious individuals disappear, and the true meaning behind their presence is revealed. As depicted in the video, the band had been controlled by their inner demons for a long time and needed to escape from their existence to ultimately be free. Finally, the band members were able to shed these demons and extinguish the evil inside of them.