Yalls – Like A Fool

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Like A Fool” is an eccentric, yet lucid music video by Yalls. The cinematography is simplistic with colorful imagery, and the electronic, indie pop track suits the story perfectly. We see a man with a stoic expression on his face; we can only assume that he is contemplating on his life. There are jump cuts to him wearing a dog costume with a small backdrop of blue balloons. The same man is having the time of his life at a party, dancing and drinking beer. The party scenes are in slow motion as the man enjoys himself, and from time to time, he checks his phone and makes a call. Now, we can only assume that it is a love interest who isn’t picking up, so he dances and drinks alone. “Like A Fool” is very experimental, with quirky twists and electronic beats.

From the album United, out now on Gold Robot Records
Directed by Leveler Media (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

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