Ya Boi TC – Timeless

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Timeless” starts off with an easy hip-hop beat. Rapper Ya Boi TC spits rhymes while pouring his heart out for the woman he loves. It is evident in the chorus where he sings, “Whenever we’re not together, it be moving’ slow / It’s like I’m lost in time.” The video begins with the female protagonist waking up and getting out of bed. Another male character is featured and happens to be the young lady’s counterpart. Shots of Ya Boi TC rapping are carefully edited to tell the story of the two soon-to-be love birds in the video. The two first meet unknowingly on the subway. He spots her as she leaves the train and tries to catch up to her. He loses her when he retrieves his phone that he left on his seat as the car doors close on him. As the two walk the city streets, they eventually bump into each other. From there, we can imagine what happens next. Enjoy the young, refreshing hip-hop talent from Youngstown, Ohio.

Ya Boi TC’s A New Beginning available now on iTunes
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Director – OwnTheLight
Producer – Great Rome
Editor – Faino Films
Composer – Heartbeatz

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Instagram: instagram.com/boitc
Twitter: twitter.com/yaboitc_
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/yaboitc