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In this Unofficial Music Video for XXYYXX, filmmaker Alexander Christenson pairs an epic journey with the band’s song DMT. In this tale, a warrior, played by actor Bertini Heumegni, washes up on the shore of a deserted island. Faced with the grim possibility of never leaving this isolated prison, the warrior gathers what supplies he can and plans a rather unconventional escape.
In this film, all out of pocket via the filmmaker, Christenson shows a great reverence for the song while creating a truly unique music video all his own. He benefits from a skilled actor in Heumegni, who is able to transition from despair to determination without ever uttering a word. While the world around him is vast, Christenson only spends one or two shots on the vastness of the island. The majority comprises close-ups of the hunter and the fire he constructs by. The ending, equal parts ambiguous and hopeful, is certain to provoke some emotions in the viewer.

Website: thinkmad.com/s/

Director: Alexander Christenson
Cinematographer: Michael Belcher
Producers: Michael O’Grady, Tucker Bliss
Starring: Bertini Heumegni
Production Designer: Serban Ionescu
VFX Supervisor: Jake Nelson
1st AC / Phantom Tech: Jackson Notier
Costume Designer: Harmony Pilobello
Stunt Coordinator: Bob Cotter
Production Assistant: Ryan Kroll
Flame: Dan Bowhers
Zbrush & TurbulenceFD: Casey Reuter
Maya: Ishraque Nazmi
Production Company: North of New York
Executive Producers: Oliver Hartman, Matthew James Thompson
Fallen angel designed by: Leo Krajden
Special Thanks: Biwa Studio, Mike Ashley, Hideaway House