Xuman – Side by Side

The oddly whimsical quality of the music for Xuman‘s “Side by Side” is made almost creepy by the fact that the video starts with a room full of taxidermied animals, mostly predators and scavengers, with a woman standing in the middle. When she opens her eyes she seems disoriented, and starts half stumbling, half wandering around through the cases that are full of different animals – wolves, foxes, owls, crows, bears, etc. Eventually, she finds a case that is broken, and sees a fox running through the room, around the cases.  She follows, and the fox leads her into a dark room – the next cut is to a black and white image of her in a very dark room, sitting in a porcelain tub. The band, that was until now cutting in and out as it was performing, is in a case the same as the animals that were in the first room, and they all hold still, as if the are also taxidermy, and she just looks at them through the glass.

Music Company: Xuman Records
Director : Andrey Davidovsky
D.O.P : Andrey Davidovsky
Producer : Margarita Sayapina

Website: xumanrecords.com/en
Twitter: twitter.com/XumanRecords