Xuman – Play

“Play” by Xuman starts off as a video with a very wide scope; there are majestic landscapes, and eventually, a woman is superimposed over the landscapes, wearing heavy gold jewelry with an Indian or perhaps South American flare to it. Her eyes remain closed when we cut to a man reading a book, possibly reading her story. As time goes on, we see more and more of her, and she is almost like an organic creature from the neck down, body covered in white feathers, which is a contrast from the unnatural metal adorning her face and hair. As time goes on we see more landscapes and animals – a lot of nature, sometimes with her in the foreground, sometimes without; she ends up almost being like a mother goddess type figure, and at the end she meets the man reading the book and she gives him a key, though it never is explained what it is for or what it does.

Director: Sasha Vsesviatskaya
DOP, color, post-production: Andrey Nikolaev
Cut: Andrey Nikolaev, Igor Abidov
Assistant: Alexander Malahoff
Style: Sasha Vsesviatskaya, Daria Kholodnykh
Actors: Alexander Xuman, Lyudmila Burdova

Website: xumanrecords.com/en
Twitter: twitter.com/XumanRecords