Wunder Wunder – Hail The Madmen

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Wunder Wunder’s music video for “Hail The Madmen” pays homage to all the great shots of people in terror as their city is attacked by some unknown, foreign force. The music video opens with smiling, incredibly fit, and tan people, sipping on enormous, exotic, tropical cocktails, and chatting happily with friends, relaxing on the beach. But then, suddenly something explodes over the horizon and an ominous purple plume of smoke billows toward the beach. A few women start to scream, and a couple people start slowly backing away before turning and running for their lives. However, as bodies start to fall from the sky, the beach goers faces turn to looks of horror, the screams become terrorized, and the entire crowd starts running madly away from the shore. A couple men, though, remain where they are standing. One, a handsomely dapper middle aged man even starts laughing, a big, evil belly laugh. Another man, older and heavy set, stands stoically, a look of callous insensitivity on his face. The third madman, a younger hipster guy, rips his shades off his face and actually starts running towards the unknown danger.  

Directors – Dimitri Basil and Laura Gorun
Executive producers – Peter Karpushin and Melissa Lawlor
Producers – Melissa Lawlor, Jeremy Young and Raex Murillo
Art Director – Dominique Basil
Cinematographer – Tyson Perkins and Kieran Fowler
Additional photography – Rodrigo Vidal
Editor – Cooper Roussel
Production company – Welcometocult
First AD – Olga Miller
Set/Props – David Donelly
Wardrobe – Clemence Piriou and Chantelle Schmidt
Hair and Make-up – Sharon Massey, Katy Clucas, Vic Anderson, Lennan Han, Hai Anh To and Natalie Sinclair
Special Thanks to Jane Cameron Make Up Design, Priscilla’s Model Management, American Apparel and the whole cast!

“Hail The Madmen” is out now on Dovecote Records (US) / Shock Records (AUS)
From the debut album Everything Infinite out now on iTunes

Facebook: facebook.com/wunderwunderband
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/wunder-wunder