World’s Most Awkward Modeling Photos (Part 1)

Models are known for being beautiful, graceful, and generally composed. Well, allows us to introduce you to some of the most awkward modeling photos, courtesy of Turners, Ltd. Turners was a video production and camera supply chain company based out of England. To advertise their products, Turners hired models and took pictures of them holding products and posing; however, some of these photos are downright bizarre. So sit back, relax, and enjoy part one of the world’s most awkward modeling photos.

Number Twenty-One: Fruit Basket. It’s not so much the fruit basket that terrifies us, but her expression. Did she look down into that basket and see something awful? Rotten fruit? Dead babies? Her dreams, swirling down the drain in depravity? One can only speculate.

Number Twenty: Smile for the Camera – Kind of. This is like the cutesy filmmaker’s girlfriend who just wants to play with the toys, oh please, let us play with the toys! She looks like she has no idea what she’s doing, but she appears to be enjoying it.

Number Nineteen: Creepy Forest Creature. Whichever woods these animals came from, we want nothing to do with it. Is that a dog or a lamb? Lamb’s legs and a wooly body with a dog’s face and tail? Seriously, what kind of mutant is that animal?!

Number Eighteen: Hay There! This is just a picture of a girl relaxing on a bale of hay underneath a stick attached to a wide-brimmed hat. Naturally. What a classic pose, said nobody ever.

Number Seventeen: Want to Go for a Ride? Oh, what a bold woman it takes to stand on an inert motorcycle and appear physically repulsed by it! Whatever she’s doing, it’s really awkward, and we want to stop looking at this immediately.

Number Sixteen: Beached Mermaid. This woman looks dead, angry, or maybe both. Also, that black netting is doing nothing for her body. Although, props to whoever designed the set for matching her swimsuit to whatever it is.

Number Fifteen: Shock and Awe…and Confusion. “Oh my gosh, Becky, you won’t believe what I just heard!” Becky probably won’t be able to tell what it is unless this woman holds that phone like a normal functioning human being. Stay tuned for part two, coming soon!