Wonder Girls: ‘I Feel You’ Music Video Review

The Wonder Girls return with a member reshuffle, rebooting the group as a quartet with the release of their third studio album, REBOOT, on August 3. JYP Entertainment released the 80s-inspired music video for Wonder Girls’ title song, “I Feel You.”

“I Feel You” starts off with JYP Entertainment signature whisper JYP. Throughout the music video, Wonder Girls feature their band concept heavily. One of the two scenes featuring all four members shows them performing a well-choreographed dance while the band members play their respective instruments. The other scene featuring all four members is designed to mimic a concert stage reminiscent of the 1980s.

The ladies’ individual scenes are classically 80s-inspired: resting on vinyls, sitting around on the floor, working out, etc. The music video has an underlying theme of the four members getting ready for a night out. The choreography is simplistic but effective, worthy of an originals 1980s music video.

Wonder Girls are well-known for playing retro-style music from their highly successful 2009 single, “Nobody.” “I Feel You” is an ode to synth-rock, featuring drum machines, breathy lyrics accompanied by twinkling synths with Eurythmics-esque dancing. With “I Feel You,” Wonder Girls use a rap section to place their staple kpop sound on the song.

Further enhancing the 1980s theme, the video for “I Feel You” has been edited to look like the video came straight from the 80s. Even the outfits the members wear appear to be inspired by other 80s music videos. The instruments, too, are straight out of the 80s, the keytar and ’80s-inspired drums being fairly popular with bands from the decade.

The translated lyrics read, “It feels like your touch is still brushing over me / It seems like your voice is still whispering in my ear (no)” and “I Feel You / Even when I’m alone, I feel your touch / All day, you touch me.” Showcasing their maturity, Wonder Girls Yenny, Lim, Sunmi and Yubin have gone through many changes over the past few years. The lyrics further show that Wonder Girls are unwilling to shy away from sexual appeal, unlike other kpop girl groups.