Woman Spots Pit Bull Sitting On Bench. Takes One Step Closer & Gasps At Discovery

Alone in the Park

Imagine you’re going for a stroll in the park and you find a dog strapped to a park bench. What would you do? For one woman, when she found a poor lonely pit bull tied to a  bench, she was absolutely appalled by what she was seeing. However, this story takes an even more shocking turn that left this woman seeing red. You won’t believe this poor dog’s predicament.

A Sad State of Affairs

For little Poly the pit bull, life had been one series of disappointments after another. At only 3-years-old, she found herself alone, afraid, and homeless. Living at a park in Santa Monica, California, Poly tried to make the best of things, despite her circumstances. However, her life wasn’t always so sad.

Abandoned, but Why?

According to accounts by those who interacted with Poly, it was believed she did have an owner at some point in her life. Unfortunately, after a trip to the park, Poly’s owner simply left her there. Who could do that to such a sweet pooch?

Tied to a Bench

One day, a warden from Santa Monica County Animal Services was strolling through the park and found poor Polly tied to a park bench. Distressed and alone, the poor pit bull was thankful that someone was coming to her aid.

Animal Rescue on the Scene

As the warden untied Poly from her park bench prison, she discovered something absolutely horrifying. The real reason the dog was terrified had finally been revealed. You won’t believe the truth.

A New Discovery

Upon closer inspection, the animal services officer realized that something was wrong with precious little Poly. She would get scared whenever someone tried to touch her, and she always held her tiny head down, as she was trying to hide something…

Something Was Off

Then they realized the pooch was blind. Not only could she not see her owner when they abandoned her, but Poly had absolutely no idea where she was or what had happened to her. According to the warden, she was so frightened she couldn’t even manage to get off the park bench. Who would do such a thing to such a sweet dog? Unfortunately, there’s more to Poly’s heartbreaking story…

Saved From A Puppy Breeder

The warden took the terrified Poly to the local animal shelter where, after an examination, they realized she had given birth quite recently. It seemed her owner had simply used her for breeding and, once the puppies were born, abandoned hera seriously disgusting act indeed. The pooch was devastated! You won’t believe what happened after…

Stuck at the Pound

However, Poly’s story was far from over. Despite being rescued from the park, she now sat in the local pound. Thankfully, Jennifer Wales, the founder of Foreverhome Pet Rescues learned about Poly and her horrible predicament. Could Poly’s luck be turning around?

A Kind Heart Comes Forward

Jennifer Wales was no stranger to abandoned dogs. She founded her pet rescue to help homeless and abused dogs in the Los Angeles area for over ten years. She knew what Poly was going through and reached out to the pound to see if she might be of service. The next photo is heartbreaking!

Time for Another Rescue

In an interview with ABC News, Jennifer stated, “I immediately called the rescue and they told me they needed a rescue commitment.  I’ve been rescuing dogs for 25 years and Poly reminded me so much of another dog that changed my life, who was also a blind pit bull.” Will Poly’s life change? Let’s find out…

Jennifer and Polly

Jennifer didn’t hesitate and quickly retrieved Poly from the shelter. And, let’s just say, Poly was thrilled. Jennifer knew she would need to build up the bond of trust quickly with the distressed dog, so she treated her to a cheeseburger right away. This seemed to break the ice and, according to Jennifer, she slept soundly the first night in her new foster home.

Unfortunately, Poly’s story had some new bumps in the road to overcome…

Troubles Far From Over

After a thorough vet examination, it was revealed that Poly had ringworm and a skin disorder. She also suffered from a congenital heart condition. Would Poly EVER be able to catch a break?

Fundraising for Surgery

Thankfully, Poly’s heart condition was quite common in pit bulls and could easily be remedied through surgery. Therefore, Jennifer’s rescue reached out to their followers on Facebook with the hopes of raising enough money through donations to help poor Poly. Do you think she managed to raise enough money to save the pooch? You’ll be surprised…


The fundraising was a success and the rescue received more than $3,000! It looked like Poly was finally on her road to happiness, after going through such horrible experiences. Until this happened…

Pampered and Adored

Meanwhile, Poly was discovering what it meant to enjoy life! Not only was Jennifer pampering the blind pit, but she was getting a whole new wardrobe of fun and fancy outfits. Here’s a lovely pink tutu ensemble that Poly enjoyed showing off for her social media following! Work that runway Miss Poly! And just when you’d think that everything will be ok, Poly’s results came back…

Heartbreaking News

The results of Poly’s further testing, unfortunately, revealed that her heart condition was untreatable. Jennifer and her other volunteers cried out at how unfair it was Poly had spent most of her life not cared for and popping out puppies. However, they vowed to make what time she had left her best days ever.

Look at how happy she is in the next photo!


The sweet pooch continued to live with her adoptive mom who showered her with love, attention, and all the treats she could eat. We can’t stop smiling just by looking at her face. The next image is even more amazing!

Happy Life

It’s safe to say that Poly was finally happy, after spending all of her life being unwanted and unloved. She was pretty lucky to be found on that bench, and as much as it breaks our hearts, we have to tell you this…

Over the Rainbow Bridge

Sadly, Poly passed away in April 2016, after only six months at the rescue. While the staff was devastated, they were happy they’d been able to give Poly a loving home in her last days. Rest in peace sweet Poly and enjoy your journey on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.