Woman Sees Abandoned Little House On Side Of Road, Completely Devastated When She Realizes There Is A Creature In It

There’s nothing quite like making an accidental discovery, however, not all discoveries prove to be good ones. When one Texas woman was making her way through a park, she noticed an abandoned object off the side of the road. Her curiosity was immediately piqued and so she decided to check out what the object was. However, she was completely brokenhearted when she found out the truth!

20. Animal Rescue Founder

Judy Obregon is the founder of The Abandoned Ones (TAO), an animal rescue organization. She was inspired to do so after discovering an abandoned and wounded Mastiff named Buddy. After that moment she knew she couldn’t still idly by and allow animals to suffer on their own.

19. Echo Lake Park

Judy Obregon was making her way through Echo Lake Park in Fort Worth, Texas. The park is known for being a dumping ground for many abandoned pets. Knowing this, each day Judy would scour through the park looking for any abandoned animals.

18. Shocking Discovery

Then one day, Judy made a shocking discovery. Each and every day, she continued to find more and more abandoned dogs in the park. There was an overwhelming amount of abandoned dogs in the park and so Judy began to frequent the park more and more.

17. Under The Weather

One day, however, Judy woke up and wasn’t feeling well. At first, she considered staying in bed and not going out to the park. Judy soon realized that she couldn’t imagine letting the abandoned animals down and so she decided to head out anyway. She had no idea that this would prove to be a life-changing decision.

16. Driving Along

As Judy was making her way along the road in the park, she caught sight of something strange off the side of the road. Her immediate reaction was to stop the car and check out what it could be. After all, she figured it could be a desperate animal in need.

15. Strange Object

As Judy got closer to the object she soon realized what it was. It happened to be a small pet house. As she stared the pet home down, she didn’t see any movement coming out of it. However, she still continued to move closer and closer just in case!

14. Stuffed

From what Judy could tell, the pet home was filled up with some blankets and a rather large pillow. As she stuck her hand out to touch the home something inside of it moved around. She was taken aback and was surprised by what she saw next.

13. Two Eyes

From inside of the pet home, Judy soon recognized what appeared to be two eyes staring up at her. She also saw a tiny snout all covered up by blankets. It seems that someone had abandoned this poor puppy in his pet home – it broke Judy’s heart.

12. Damp

As Judy reached inside of the home to pull the dog out she quickly noticed that all of the blankets and the pillow were damp. It seems the dog had been outside in the park for some time. It was a heartbreaking reality for Judy.

11. Small Pup

At first, Judy got the impression that the dog was quite large despite the small home it was in. However, once the dog was pulled out of the home Judy realized that it was only young pup. Lucky for the pup, Judy knew exactly what to do next.

10. Missing Hair

As Judy began to hold onto the dog, she quickly noticed a problem with the dog’s fur. There was a patch of hair missing and the skin looked absolutely irritated. That’s when Judy knew that she had to rush the pup over to the vet’s office to get it checked out!

9. Vet Visit

Judy quickly rushed the puppy over to the vet’s office. At the vet’s office, they managed to determine that the puppy was around 10-months-old. The vet then began to look into the skin condition and came up with a diagnosis.

8. Skin Condition

It seems that the puppy was suffering from Demodex Mange. The mange had become incredibly infected and would need to be treated immediately. Judy believes that the mange was the reason as to why the dog had been abandoned in the first place.

7. Love & Care

Immediately after getting the dog treatment, Judy decided that she would personally provide this little pup with extra love and care. This started off by giving the puppy the perfect name that would describe her personality. Sure enough, Judy came up with the most amazing name!

6. Perfect Name

One of the puppy’s most significant features were her big, beautiful eyes. This inspired Judy to name the puppy Najila–or Jila, for short. When translated from Arabic the puppy’s name is “eyes that glisten”.

5. Treatment

In order to help clear up the mange quickly, Jila was treated to some wonderful baths. The baths were filled with special medication that would help heal the mange from the outside. Jila was also prescribed some antibiotics to help the infection as well.

4. Sleepy Time

Once Jila was brought home to Judy’s house she fell asleep immediately. The poor dog was obviously exhausted and slept for an entire day. The next day, Judy was happy to report that Jila had a big and hearty appetite!

3. Sweet Puppy

Even though Jila had undergone quite the traumatic beginning, she still remains a sweet and loving pup. TAO provides constant updates on Jila’s progress and she only seems to grow happier each day. Soon enough, Judy found a wonderful foster home for Jila.

2. Foster Home

Thanks to how adorable and sweet Jila is, it wasn’t difficult at all to find a foster home for her. Jila will remain with her foster parents until she is ready to be put up for adoption. In the meantime, Judy has been looking out for the perfect forever home for Jila.

1. Amazing Progress

Even though it breaks Judy’s heart to have to part ways with Jila, she is so proud of the little puppy’s progress. Jila has been a wonderful and sweet dog throughout the entire rescue process. This little pup truly deserves a forever home that will love and appreciate her for all that she is!