Woman Sees A Blind Tree Kangaroo Being Attacked By Dog And Saves Its Life, Thankful Animal Won’t Stop Hugging Her

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than hearing about a baby that lost its mother too soon. Well, that is exactly what happened to one sweet baby kangaroo. This small kangaroo was left without a mother and her time was running out. Soon, predators began to come out and attack the animal all because she was blind and defenseless. Then, one day, this baby kangaroo finally got the help that she so deserved and you won’t believe what her reaction has been since…

20. Lily

This is Lily, a blind baby kangaroo. Lily was only a small baby when she lost her mother. She was utterly defenseless without her mother by her side to take care of her and feed her. This left Lily susceptible to harm’s way.

19. Abandoned

You see, Lily had been totally abandoned by her mother when she was far too young. Lily was too small to take care of herself and soon other animals began to take notice of that. That’s when the predators decided to come out and begin harassing the poor baby!

18. Horrible Day

Then, one day, Lily was the victim of a horrible attack. The attack occurred in November 2013, when Lily was in a park. A dog had approached her and began to bite and shake her around. This was a highly traumatic event for the small baby kangaroo.

17. Injured

The dog attack left Lily with a ton of injuries. Her left ankle had been broken and this caused her foot to become infection. The infection eventually spread so far that it caused poor Lily to go blind!

16. Taken Away

The attack on Lily was so bad that it eventually got the attention of those who could help her. Lily was soon taken away and escorted over to Tree Roo Rescue and Conservation Care Ltd. There she would be treated by Dr. Karen Coombes.

15. Terrified

It was obvious from the moment Lily arrived at the conservation center that she was absolutely terrified of socializing with others. It seems that her time spent fending for herself caused her to have a serious mistrust of others. Rescuers were so heartbroken to see her so mistrustful of everyone.

14. Updates

Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas shared an update about Lily from Coombes, saying: “As a result from the attack, Lily is frightened of everything. With each day her confidence grows but it is a long road ahead for Lily and she will never be able to be released back into the wild. She will more than likely live out her years at the rescue care centre.”

13. Making Life Enjoyable

Even though Coombes was well aware of the fact that Lily could never be returned to the wild, she still wanted to make her life at the center as enjoyable as process. In order to do that, Coombes began to help Lily with small tasks. She helped Lily learn how to feed herself and just move around confidently.

12. Indoor Time

Since Lily’s foot had been badly injured during the attack, this forced her to spend a lot of time inside. However, this also worked out to her advantage as the kangaroo absolutely loves to snuggle now! Lily adores snuggling up to Coombes whenever she can.

11. Important Medicine

Coombes also went on to stress how important rainforest life is to all of us and used Lily as a prime example. “During her six-month weekly treatment at the vet, she was in a trial for a new drug from the rainforest that is brilliant at curing skin cancers and infections in animals, and it worked on her infected bone in her ankle!” Coombes told Little Things.

10. The Rainforest

Coombes continued to stress how important it is to help preserve our rainforests. Coombes continued to say that this success “shows how important rainforest are to us all! This drug is now being trialled on humans!” The medicine has truly helped to transform Lily’s life for the better…

9. Years

Throughout the next few years, Lily would only continue to get better and better with each passing day. Her personality and overall demeanor towards others has completely changed as well. Lily no longer avoids social interactions and in fact she actively searches them out.

8. Social Butterfly

Lily now lives and play with the 12 other kangaroos that happen to live at the rescue center. She began to trust others more and more as she continued to live at the center. Everyone has been so thrilled with her progress.

7. Looking for Hugs

Another extraordinary feature of Lily’s personality is that she actively goes out of her way to solicit hugs from others. Whether it’s from the other kangaroos at the center or humans that she interacts with – Lily is quite the cuddle bug!

6. Grown Adult

She is now an adult and climbs and has a good life here with us,” the rescue said. “She [spends] her day in an enclosure with a couple of [other tree kangaroos] and comes in at night to be spoilt.” She is a truly happy and curious kangaroo.

5. Strangers

Lily’s recovery process has even impacted the way she views strangers. She no longer sees every stranger as a potential danger to her well-being. In fact, many times when visitors come to the center, Lily is often the first one to run over and demand a hug.

4. Hugs & Cuddles

Everyone is always so happy to be approached by Lily and her heart of gold. After all, it’s not every day you’re approached by a cuddly kangaroo! However, that is exactly what little Lily has turned into: a sweet, cuddly, and loving kangaroo.

3. Continuing the Good Work

The kangaroo rescue center is still continuing to do their good work! They have been going out of their way to find kangaroos that need rescuing and helping them to rehabilitate. While some are healthy enough to be released back into the wild, others are introduced into the shelter and permanent residents.

2. Big Change

It is amazing to think about what a huge life change Lily underwent, especially when you think back to where she started. This sweet kangaroo was horrifically attacked when she was only a baby and yet, through a lot of rehabilitation, she has grown into an amazingly loving adult kangaroo!

1. Great Help

Thanks to the amazing animal rescuers at the shelter, Lily was given a second chance at life. The center is continuing to do their best to ensure that Lily and other kangaroos like her never have to suffer again.