Woman Couldn’t Understand Why Her Rabbit Was Digging Frantically, But Then A Hand Reaches Out Asking For Help

When a rabbit finds his cat friend trapped in a shed, behind a metal sheet, he doesn’t waste a minute. This bunny has mad skill and he uses them to dig an escape hole for a white cat!

12. Another Day at the Farm

It was just another day on the farm for Chasky the white rabbit. He was probably thinking about all the other famous rabbits, from Thumper, friend to Bambi, to the White Rabbit who figures prominently in Alice In Wonderland. He was also probably thinking about his next meal, as rabbits do!

11. Lucky Rabbits

There’s a reason rabbits have been considered not just lucky, but also the heroes of children’s literature. Despite their reputation for having small brains, rabbits are actually pretty clever. A small cat named Pelu found this out firsthand when she got stuck behind a metal wall.

10. Minding His Business

Chasky was minding his own business when he saw something strange: the leg of his best buddy Pelu, a white cat. The leg was reaching out to him from behind a metal sheet that was stuck in the ground. The cat had tried to escape, but she was stuck.

9. Rescue, Party of One

Chasky wasted absolutely no time in getting a rescue team of one together. That’s because Chasky realized all he needed to free his friend was his own amazing rabbit feet. He starts digging at a furious pace, moving dirt as fast as he can.

8. Video Evidence

Thankfully his efforts were caught on video, thanks to his owner, Jessica Rodriguez Fatigatti. She owns the home in Spain that cares for cats and rabbits, among other animals. She saw what the rabbit was ding and reached for her telephone.

7. Amazing Rabbit

“When I saw that Chasky began to dig, I fished out my cell to show my husband that the rabbit was making the hole,” she said. “At that time I saw one of the cats legs. I was surprised that my rabbit was not digging a hole for pleasure, was just doing it get a friend.”

6. Digging a Hole  

Bunnies do enjoy digging for pleasure, but Chasky was on a mission. He digs and digs, flinging dirt behind him. His goal is to make just a big enough hole to make sure that the cat can slip through to freedom. Thankfully, cats can almost make themselves flat.

5. Out from the Wall!

Soon the cat’s little white head appears in the hole. She was undoubtedly happy to get a little breathing room, thanks to Chasky. Once he sees her head he knows she can flatten herself the rest of the way through. The rabbit moves away so Pelu has plenty of room.

4. Sidekick

Then the cat is out of the shed! She quickly gets the heck away from that stupid metal sheet that turned into a prison for her. They say curiosity killed the cat, but in this case having a trusty rabbit as a sidekick made this just a splendid adventure for the two animals.

3. Hang Time

Where does she go? To the shed of course, to hang out with her rabbit friend and other pals. Chasky’s owners were thrilled to get the rescue on video, so they sent it to the Daily Mail. Of course the world can’t resist a video depicting an animal rescue, so Pelu and Chasky are now famous friends!

2. A Tiny Kiss

After Pelu makes it to the shed, she playfully gives her friend a little nip of thanks. Or maybe it was meant to be a kiss. Who knows. That’s a cat for you, always thinking their little bites make great presents.

1. A Job Well Done

In the next shot, Chasky is taking a well-deserved break. He adorably kicks his feet out behind him. After all that furious digging, Chasky needs to chill out in the dirt. Later, he got some extra special treats as a reward for a job well done.