Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth: ‘See You Again’ Single Review

Wiz Khalifa never tires of making new great music. We get new Wiz Khalifa music almost twice every month and he knows how to present diversity with his music. On “See You Again,” he features an exceptional young singer called Charlie Puth. “See You Again” is a soundtrack from Fast and Furious 7 movie, which so highly anticipated. The excitement couldn’t be bigger, especially with “See You Again,” which is not loud, banging and sounding all action-packed, but is rather a calm and emotional song. It lets your imagination run wild as you try to make a scene where this song will be used. Unlike Wiz Khalifa’s other song, “Go Hard or Go Home,” that features Iggy Azalea and is also a soundtrack from the movie, which is banging and is definitely meant for an action-packed scene.

Charlie Puth, the artist that delivers a chorus with downright exquisiteness, is a YouTube star who has sang his way into people’s hearts and playlists. He started out by uploading videos doing covers of artists’ songs, and his unique talent got him thousands of views and fans. Ellen DeGeneres was impressed by this artists’ gift, and she had him signed to her record label eleveneleven. You know what they say about true talent: it sells you beyond what you could have ever imagined. Charlie Puth’s talent has now seen him step up to a bigger stage and bigger audience with “See You Again.”

The awesomeness doesn’t make you wait; the song starts with a very serene soft piano which sounds played with the deepest of emotions. It appeals to every bit of your emotions, and it is unbelievable how true this is. Charlie Puth then makes a perfect vocal entry, singing “it’s been a long day without you my friend / and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again / we’ve come a long way from where we began / Oh! I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again, when I see you again.” This without exaggeration, is the best chorus sung by an artist who’s started off his career on YouTube.

Charlie Puth gets all the points for the voice, the super impressive vocal control and the outstanding performance singing this chorus. The reality of what he is singing is so deep, you get carried away, and you sink into the lyrics. The voice behind them is altogether impossibly compelling; emotions must be invoked.

Wiz Khalifa is not sleeping on the track. Charlie Puth going first raised the bar and set the standard by which Wiz Khalifa’s performance would be measured. This did not pose any threat as Wiz was up to the task, and he comfortably met those standards. He delivered two incredible verses that are so filled with emotions. The lyrics establish a complete connection with the concept of missing someone that is no longer around.

For a rapper who is all about women, weed, alcohol, and parties and generally the fast life, Wiz Khalifa sure knows how to branch off and maintain dominance on a concept that is out of his comfort zone. I acknowledge the fact that we are seeing an emotional side of Wiz Khalifa, but he does not lose the image that the industry respects him for. He is going extremely soft and yet it is still hard. This whole thing is almost impossible to understand unless you actually listen to “See You Again.”

Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth did an outstanding job on “See You Again.” This is the sort of song that makes you feel what the artists intended you to feel. When an artist makes a song that makes you feel the way the artist intended, the artist’s job is done. The artist has created a masterpiece. “See You Again” has the power to prompt tears if you are in the position the song’s concept is about. And ladies and gentlemen, this alone defines a creatively fashioned song whose goal is achieved beyond intention.