Top 7 Movies to Watch After a Breakup

Relationships require effort and communication. Finding someone on the same page as you isn’t easy, and many of us have suffered through at least one bad breakup. Many times, breakups can be boiled down to two people heading in two different directions. Relationships can certainly be fun, but breakups sure aren’t. Here are seven movies to watch after a breakup. Hopefully, these movies can inspire you a little while you’re laying in bed and eating chocolate.

Number Seven: John Tucker Must Die. This movie has plenty of eye candy in the form of John Tucker, and it delivers great laughs as well. Most people can relate to the cheating man and the trail of scorned lovers he left behind. Girl Power is a definite theme in this film.  Instead of blaming one another, the girls get together to give Mr. Tucker a taste of his own medicine.

Number Six: Kill Bill. This is the best flick to watch if you have revenge seething through your veins. Instead of toilet papering his house, try watching this movie instead. Once you set your screen to this kick butt action film, your insatiable desire for revenge will get thrown out of the window.

Number Five: The Break-Up. Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are a perfect duo for this movie about an imperfect couple that breaks up but decides to keep living together. This movie is witty and is sure to keep you guessing the whole time. There is a chance to relate with both characters after you see the hijinks they get involved in. The ending is rather surprising and correlates with real life, which can be surprising as well.

Number Four: Legally Blonde. This movie is one of the best breakup movies. Plenty of girls can relate to trying to change themselves to attract another person in a relationship, when only too late they realize being yourself is the best option. This movie will also keep you in stitches and will make you laugh all night long. Elle Woods, the main character, is endearing and ambitious. It is also nice to see her become her own person and never give up on her dreams. This movie is definitely a mood lifter.

Number Three: (500) Days of Summer. This is such an awesome movie and can help pretty much anyone who has gone through a breakup with someone who they thought was their “soulmate.” You will likely connect with Tom or Summer, depending on your stance with your breakup. This movie brings hope to people who think they might never find a relationship again.

Number Two: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. This movie is for the heartbroken gal who needs her friends to pick her up when she’s down. The four main female characters in this film go through the trials and tribulations that come along with being a teenager. The most important thing is that these girls always have each other, especially during heartbreak. This movie will make you text all your girlfriends and tell them how much you love them.

Number One: Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This comedy is perfect to watch if you are looking for a laugh. Whether you were the dumper or the dumpee, you can easily relate to the main protagonist and his heartbreak. As Jason Segel’s character found out, there is someone better down the road. That same notion can be applied to your relationship as well. It’s also nice to see Kristen Bell’s character get her due justice in the end.