Will Sam Smith Pull off an Adele in next Album

It has been now a common knowledge that Sam Smith may be experiencing some kind of heartaches In the Lonely Hour. On his Toronto show, as well as on his Instagram account, the “Like I Can” singer hinted that he and his boyfriend Jonathan Zeizel have broken up. Since Sam Smith is known to sing heart-wrenching songs, will he pull off an Adele in his next album? If 19 and 21 are the bases, heartaches can be great sources of beautiful songs. The great concern now is: How would Sam’s heartbreak sound?

As early as now, it can be safe to say that Sam Smith is comparable to Adele’s caliber as a singer. With one grand album out, Sam Smith already dominates the charts and the airwaves. He is also up for awards in the upcoming Grammys. Though his album is still in demand, fans already await his follow up to the album that gave the world hits such as “Stay With Me” and “I’m Not the Only One.”

Now that Sam has another pool for inspiration, we can do nothing but to wait what kinds of songs will he be able to produce in the same category as Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” and “Someone Like You.” Yes, definitely, Sam Smith would sound great in a song such as “Someone Like You.” We can only imagine the amount of emotion he can pour in his delivery.

It may be insensitive to use Sam’s situation to predict what would his next album sound like. However, it is just introspective to think about what could possibly happen. The amount of artistry Sam Smith has is big enough to cover the whole of the galaxy. It is unquestionable that he can use whatever situation he is going through to further improve his craft.

In the Lonely Hour is a really exceptional album, especially for someone as young as Sam Smith. Experiences such as breaking up with a lover can be an additional element to another exceptionally great album. Wait, is it too much to imagine Adele collaborating with Sam Smith a la “Chasing Pavements?”