Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Dueled for the Ages

Chad Smith Will Ferrell

Photo Courtesy of The Tonight Show

A week ago famous comedian Will Ferrell appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and challenged Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer and erie doppleganger Chad Smith to a drum off. Last night the two returned to the show to battle it out for the title of “the best drummer who looks like Chad Smith”.

The evening started with each wearing comically matching outfits formed by backwards baseball caps, leather jackets, and kiss t shirts. Both lookalikes sat down close on the couch not speaking or looking at each other feigning anger. Will Ferrell expressed “outrage” at the imposter next to him explaining that he was “jamming with the chili peppers” when he heard of Chad Smith’s existence. Smith, although feigning anger as well, had a bit of a hard time holding a straight face throughout the exchange.

This was then followed by a drum off between the two that grew in intensity over the six minutes. Will Ferrell appeared to be holding his own against the legendary rock drummer, though it was later revealed that Tonight Show band leader Questlove was acting as ghost drummer for the hapless comedian. The finale of the competition drew a large reaction from the audience as Smith’s band The Red Hot Chili Peppers showed up to join their drummer’s challenge and perform “Don’t Fear the Reaper”, a Blue Oyster Cult song made famous by Ferrell’s cowbell skit.

At the end of the competition Fallon presented the “winner” Ferrell with the prize of the golden cowbell. This was then followed by the Chili Peppers performing with last night’s musical guest The Roots for “Standing on the Verge of Getting It On” and “Give it Away”. All in all, the duel lived up to the hype and closed off one of the funniest rivalries of the year.

Check out the full exchange between Ferrell and Smith as well as the incredible drum off.