Wildfire Attacked Their Farm And Owners Left The Animals Alone, But Two Brave Sheepdogs Stayed Back And Protected All The 90 Sheep

Wildfires can be proved to be extremely catastrophic leaving huge casualties and damages behind. Strong winds that usually accompany wildfires make the situation more dire, leaving literally seconds to local residents decide whether to fight with the flames or leave their homes… Don’t forget though that some other silent victims of the wildfires are animals… But some of them manage to survive safe and sound! Click through the slideshow to learn how two sheepdogs Ted and Sophie did something unbelievable!

20. Wildfires!

Last summer some rapid wildfires blazed through the western part of Canada, forcing major evacuations and causing damages on properties. Except for people. other poor victims of the wildfires are animals… Click through the slideshow to learn about Ted and Sophie, two sheepdogs who decided to do something brave during the wildfires!

19. Couldn’t Save Them

When they were notified that their farm had to be evacuated, Lynn Landry and her husband faced a serious dilemma… It was obvious that they couldn’t save all of their 90 sheep… They decided to do something strange…

18. Had To Leave Them Behind

Lynn Landry and her husband decided to leave their sheep behind as well as their two sheepdogs, Ted and Sophie. They thought that those two loyal sheepdogs were capable of protecting the sheep from the wildfires and also bears and coyotes.

17. Good Luck

The couple left 35-pounds of dog food and their whole water tank for the dogs hoping that they will survive the wildfire and then look for water and food. They wished them good luck and jumped on their vehicle back to safety.

16. Away From Home

The evacuation lasted for more than 20 days and Lynn and her husband were getting more and more anxious everyday. They were safe but what did happen to their beloved animals? Did Ted and Sophie make it?

15. Surprise!

When they returned back home they were surprised to find that except for one, all of their sheep and their two adorable dogs were safe and sound. The dogs not only did survive but they also did something remarkable!

14. Saved The Sheeps.

Ted and Sophie risked their lives to save the herd of their owners’ sheep during record-breaking wildfires that burned through Canada last summer! It was unbelievable!

13. Their Duty

It was their duty as it appeared! Ted and Sophie, two Maremma sheepdogs received the tittle of “Local Heroes” after doing their duty and completing their task successfully under harsh and dangerous conditions.

12. Everything Else Was Burnt

It is obvious though that Lynn and her husband got lucky. Wildfires in combination with rapid winds make the perfect mix for unpredictable results… Their whole neighborhood was burned to the ground but strangely enough their house as well as their animals were in tact.


11. Saved Them


Also it is worth mentioning that the two sheepdogs managed to save the sheep from the water that the helicopters were pouring from the air. Such large sums of water can be proved fatal for animals like sheep.

10. What Lynn Had To Say

Lynn said: ‘They protected them from wildfires, but also from bears and coyotes. The sheep would never have survived without them.’, Lyyn said to the local news station.

9. The Guardians

The following week of the fire Lynn posted on Facebook a photo of the local heroes! ‘our beautiful but very dirty guardian dogs’, she said. Later she commented that ‘they are happy dogs and live to work’.

8. Mixed Comments

The post soon went viral and people were praising and thanking the pups for completing their task successfully and recommending that they should be awarded a Purina Animal Heroes award. Some other people though had something different to tell…

7. Why Did You Leave Them Alone

While the positive comments were a majority, some people genuinely asked Lynn why did she leave her animals alone in the first place… Lynn had the perfect answer!

6. Her Response

She commented : ‘These dogs are very loved and treasured. We worried about them every day. We applied daily for permission to go in but were denied due to the fire danger.’ She also added that the animals had never been in a vehicle and to try to separate them would be ‘cruel and cause them unbelievable stress’.

5. Last Minute Decision

It is safe to say that Lynn didn’t have much time to make a clear decision. Given the speed that wildfires move under the right circumstances, residents have to take crucial decision in seconds. This is a photo that Lynn took from her home before she and her husband evacuated their home.

4. Record Breaking Wildfires

Like other residents of Canada, Lynn described that forest fires from the last july were literally from hell… It appeared that the 2017 wildfires were the worst in the region’s history.

3. Major Damages

It was reported later that the wildfires caused damage worth $295 million. Whole people’s treasures were burned to the ground leaving them homeless and desperate.

2. No Time

Lynn told PRI’s The World, ‘There was nothing we could do, we had to leave.’

1. Happy Ending