Wild Smiles – Never Wanted This

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Wild Smiles’ music video for “Never Wanted This” takes an ironic approach to a crisis – the feeling of waking up one day and realizing you never wanted the life you have. The video is one long, continually moving shot of a blonde woman sitting in a red car, parked in a lot at night in the rain. She is singing along to the lyrics, sobbing between verses, clearly distraught.  The contrast between the woman mouthing the words along with Peden’s (male) vocals is intriguing to watch. Ironically, there is yellow smiley face hanging from the rear view mirror. The camera meanwhile is moving closer to the car, so slowly you barely notice until you realize you are looking directly at her through the car window. Towards the end, the camera slowly backs away, and she wipes the tears off her face as a man and a child walk into the shot, enter the car, kiss her hello, and sit back, smiling contentedly.

Directed by Jack Bowden

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