Why You Might Die on Black Friday

According to the website blackfridaydeathcount.com, there have been 98 injuries and seven deaths due to Black Friday since 2006. There are more annual casualties as a result of Black Friday than there are shark attacks per year.

The website tracks injuries and deaths as a result of Black Friday and has recorded data since Thanksgiving of 2006. Data from National Geographic states that there is an average of 16 shark attacks per year; however, since 2006, only five people have died as a result of shark attacks. In the same time period, seven people have died from Black Friday.

Black Friday is notorious for bringing out the worst in people; though seven have died, a shocking 98 people have been injured as a result of Black Friday since 2006. According to the tracker, causes of the injuries range from everything from a head injury due to a falling television to stabbings, and there have even been injuries reported as a result of drunk driving. There’s no way to psychologically predict how humans will behave on this holiday.

Ironically, Black Friday falls on the day during which we are supposed to be thankful and selfless. While Thanksgiving brings out the best in most people, Black Friday incites greed and tends to bring out the worst. However, due to its status as a tradition, there’s no hope of it disappearing anytime soon, and people will undoubtedly continue to trample each other with full stomachs to get the best deals.

Even worse, Black Friday stretches a little earlier in the week every year. As of Tuesday, there were already people camping outside department stores to wait in line for Black Friday deals. This stretch of Black Friday throughout the week will likely result in an even higher number of injuries and possibly deaths as a result of the greedy holiday.

So what’s in store for the future of Black Friday? It is as of yet unclear; however, the fact that a website exists for the sole purpose of reporting deaths and injuries directly connected to Black Friday indicates that something needs to be done soon. So, on Friday morning, forget waiting in lines outside of Best Buy, Target and Macy’s. Drive to the beach and go swimming in the ocean instead.