Food For Thought: Who Can Kid Arkade Be?

Who Can Kid Arkade BeCourtesy of

A little more than a week ago, US-based powerhouse label, Ultra Music, shared a track from an unidentified electronic artist, dubbed under the name Kid Arkade. Preceding its appearance, there had been no publicity of this moniker put out via the record label, nor had there been any other releases. Using the adventurously evocative title “Atlas Run” to label the song, the stream racked in thousands of plays from supporters within minutes on SoundCloud, and even gained heavy applause from a plethora of world-renowned DJs and producers from across the spectrum. Filling expectations, the track was a fun 6-minute jumping electro house tune, that really left listeners open on the dance floor to hear more. Teasing us intensively with the anonymity, Kid Arkade’s social networks have since held a peculiar one-word description – “LOADING……..” It keeps the curiosity going, and really begs the inevitable question – just who is this guy (or girl, or duo, or trio possibly)?

Over the duration of the past few years, this imprint in particular has been known to pull stunts from some of the largest players in dance music history, ranging from high-tier acts such as Kaskade and Steve Aoki, to a bulk of the underground’s rising bedroom names. Feeding something out like this at such a prime time in the electronic music scene is truly a bold statement, and really has to be cluing in at something bigger for the coming months. Could it possibly be a dual-alias, similar to deadmau5’s tech-house moniker, testpilot’? Guesses from fans have been an album, opening tour, or even going so far as to hitting in on a collaboration with one of Ultra’s superstar artists (or potentially being one).

The whole buildup of this project really has fans scratching their heads, but also points them in a sense of direction on what to anticipate. It’s only a matter of time until the bigger scheme is revealed, and we’ll really just have to sit this one out until the bridge rolls down. Hype the record here, and be sure to keep an eye out for this skillful incognito as he (or she, or they) continue to wipe the nation with their hand-crafted, addictively good rhythms.