When This Guy Saw An Old Lady Clinging To A Stop Light Post, A Bystander Caught His Actions On Camera

15. The Incoming Storm

With the storm dubbed Storm Doris headed fast towards the United Kingdom, reports of intense weather and dangerous conditions flooded the news. But out of the gloom and doom of the storm came a heartfelt story about two strangers.

14. Doris’ Rage

On February 23, 2017, Storm Doris unleashed its rage upon the greater part of England.  Doris had speeds of up to 94mph and the storm was proving to be a dangerous one with the high possibility of storm-related accidents to occur. As the storm raged on more and more of the UK seemed to be affected. Including the two main characters of this story.

13. Trouble for Joanie

Joanie, a 96-year-old pensioner, was planning her usual run to the grocery store but didn’t seem to think about the increased danger that storm Doris had brought to her area. Joanie lived in Walton-on-Thames, England, at a time when the winds had been soared to a record high. These warnings didn’t seem to deter Joanie though as she put on her coat and headed out into the raging storm. She wasn’t very far from her quiet part of town when she realized that the storm was closer than she had thought, looking at all the debris flying through the streets around her.

12. Stuck in the Street

Joanie soon realized that this seemingly innocent shopping trip was much more than she ever bargained for. Her legs were not strong enough to keep herself walking upright and the wind was pushing her around. Joanie began to frantically search for someplace in the streets where she could take shelter from the storm but unfortunately, there were not very many options.

11. Clinging for Dear Life

Storm Doris made her presence known with 60 mph winds in Joanie’s area of town. Joanie, trapped in the midst of the storm felt powerless against the raging storm and was out of hiding places from the stormy conditions so she grabbed the nearest light post on the street. She was trying to walk down and she held onto the light post for dear life hoping she could wait out the terrifying winds.

10. Dan To The Rescue

Fortunately for the struggling woman,  a young man caught sight of her. Dan Barnett, a local realtor, was sitting in his office looking out the window when he realized Joanie clinging to the light post for dear life. Dan could not believe his eyes at the stress the woman was in as he watched three people walk straight past her without taking any notice. He knew he had to do something to help this poor woman.

9. By Joanie’s Side

Dan who was at the strong and healthy age of 25, leapt up from his desk to help the fragile women struggling out in the storm. Dan left his office and walked across the street to offer his hand and comfort from the storm to the very terrified and badly shaken Joanie. It was this next moment Joanie would never forget. 

8. The Midst of a Storm

Dan reached his hands out for Joanis to take hold of them and once she did he wrapped his arms around the women to protect her from the harsh storm that was raging around them. It was a beautiful and touching moment that was in the midst of so much destruction and chaos and a few onlookers caught a glimpse of the strangers and caught them on camera.

7. Unlikely Friends

These onlookers expressed their joy in seeing such compassion from a stranger in the midst of a terrible situation.  “Bless him, he’s such a hero,” said Barnett’s colleague Jodie Lynch, who captured the moment on camera. Now Joanie had her new friend Dan on one side, and her walking cane in the other. The two were heading for safety from the storm.

6. Headed to Safety

The winds didn’t seem as much of a problem for Joanie now that Dan was by her side as the two stepped away from the light post and headed back down the street.  Dan was not planning on leaving her side once they got across the street, he wanted to make sure Joanie was totally safe and sound so they kept walking.

5. Safe and Sound

Dan walked Joanie all the way back to her front door to make sure she was safe and sound from the raging storm. Dan was glad he had made a difference in helping the struggling woman but he had no idea that his good deed had been captured on camera to be shared with others. He was in for a surprise.

4. Sharing Good News

Joanie had gotten her groceries and was ready to spend the rest of the day recovering from the storm thanks to Dan for saving her on the street. Dan walked all the way back to his office to be surprised by all his coworkers who celebrated him as a local hero for his kind heart and compassion toward the struggling woman on the street corner. 

3. After The Storm

2. The Fallen Victims of Doris

Tahnie Martin was just 29 years old when she was struck by a piece of a water tank, which in turn ended the poor woman’s life. Scores of homes and properties throughout the country were damaged. Dozens of trains and flights were canceled throughout the regions and even some roads were shut down to prevent drivers from risking their lives taking the compromised roads and highways. Although there was much heartbreak from the storm there was a silver lining.

1. A Box of Chocolates

Joanie decided she would take a box of chocolates to her brave and kind rescuer. She went to Dan’s office where she thanked him and the two were reunited. Despite an age difference of almost 70 years, the two strangers shared a beautiful moment in chaos that will never be forgotten.