The Weeknd Tells You What He Does Often

WeekndPhoto Courtesy of Rap Basement

NSFW! That being said, fans of The Weeknd have a reason to celebrate. Not only has their favorite artist released a slow, satisfying hit but he’s also released it as a free download. The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye) is coming off of a recent Grammy nomination for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration in which he assisted Wiz Khalifa. This time around he’s front and center with a new song that will more than satisfy his fans and maybe even grow his fanbase a bit.

It can’t be emphasized enough how not safe for work “Often” is. The bedroom anthem celebrates The Weeknd’s sexual prowess rather matter-of-factly. There’s very little flash in the lyrics, but rather just a simple declaration of what he does and how good he is at it. “I usually love sleeping all alone/This time around bring your friend with you/But we ain’t really going to sleep at all.”

By the sound of his relaxed tone, it seems that The Weeknd has become exhausted from being so sexy all the time. The lyrics tell another story. After a night of lovemaking, The Weeknd lightly sings “Oooh, the sun’s risin’ up The night’s almost up /The night’s almost done /But I see your eyes /You wanna go again/ Girl, I’ll go again/ Girl, I’ll go again

There isn’t too much new in here to convert those not already enthusiastic about The Weeknd. Those music fans will have to wait for another single to convert them to John Norris’s level of enthusiasm (the MTV reporter is said to have boldly commented that The Weeknd was the “best musical talent since Michael Jackson”). But if you’re already a fan of The Weeknd, chances are you’ll be almost as satisfied as the lucky lady he’s singing to.

Often can be listened to right here. Once again (the third time for good measure): Not safe for work. Enjoy.