This Week in Quotes: John Lennon Wall Vandalized

“Wall is over!” – Graffiti painted by students over a famed John Lennon mural in Prague that was dedicated to the Beatle after his assassination. Their “art project” was a play on the Lennon song, “Happy Xmas (War is Over),” and the wall’s owner is taking legal action. Messages like “the wall is never over” have since been added.

“I’m tellin’ you, the devil. Nice people? YouTube. Oh my gosh.” – Garth Brooks, referring to YouTube as ‘the devil’ for not paying enough money to artists. He added, “Thanks for our wonderful, uh, somebody judging on this one on the government.”

“I’m like a culinary strip club guy.” – Wale, discussing strip club food with Jerry Seinfeld in a series for Complex Magazine. Seinfeld replied to the rapper’s chicken wing obsession with, “I understand chicken and naked women, but I’d rather just have the chicken.”

“If you listen closely you can hear people talking, birds cheeping and the subway in the background.” – Simon Milner of the indie/electronic quartet, Is Tropical. The group recorded much of their newest single, “On My Way,” on the streets of New York City, utilizing the acoustics inside a Canal Street subway tunnel and under the bridges in Central Park.

“It’s time to commit career suicide again.” – Carlos Santana, explaining that he wants to venture into a different kind of music. The guitarist said that he hopes to “go more Sun Ra, more Sonny Sharrock, and take the hamster out of the cage.”

“This is what the end of prohibition looks like.” – Brendan Kennedy, the CEO behind the first global marijuana brand, Marley International. The company has made Bob Marley the face of their brand, with blessings from his children, Cedella and Rohan Marley.

“The last thing in the world I wanted to do was to listen through all the old records.” – Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, on compiling their 20th anniversary releases. The retrospective albums include a 38-track best-of collection called What’s Your 20?: Essential Tracks and a four-CD set of rare takes called Alpha Mike Foxtrot.

“That’s what makes U so useful!” – One Direction, singing to the letter U on Sesame Street. The band joined Elmo and Grover for an educational cover of their hit “What Makes You Beautiful,” called “What Makes U Useful.”