Watch This Tiger Moth Get Its Genitals Inflated

It’s not every day you get to watch a video of some insect having his goods filled with air. This poor tiger moth was the unlucky recipient of a phalloblaster, a device used to fill organs (specifically, phalluses) with a stream of alcohol. Entomologists use phalloblasters to study insect genitalia, because the genitalia are nearly impossible to inspect on a closer level in the wild (don’t worry, this moth was dead when the phalloblaster was used). This specific kind of tiger moth is called Chionarctia nivea, and it can be found in Russia, China, Japan, and Korea. The proper name for this little guy’s genitals are coremata, and they are pheromone-releasing structures that male moths use during courtship. So, ladies, what’s the verdict? Are you impressed, or are those puffed up prongs a deal-breaking dud? See for yourself below.