Watch This Guy Tear Pop Science a New One

We’ve all seen the pop science headlines: “The Love Molecule Does X,” “Scientific Proof That Depressed People Are Y,” or even “The Gene That Makes You Z.” In Junk Science, Joshua Krisch recites – almost poetically – some of the myriad ways we mess up how we talk about science. For example, Krisch mentions that we aren’t even aware of how many neurotransmitters are in our brain, so for headlines to read that we’ve identified the “love molecule” or the “morality gene” is absurd. Many people are guilty of talking about science in this simplified way, and this is the phenomenon Krisch attacks: the idea that bundling large and complex scientific ideas into digestible packets is good. Sure, that news story might be interesting, but it leaves thousands of people without knowledge of the deeper truth. Watch him go at it below.