Watch The Touching Moment A Loyal Dog Pushes The Wheelchair Of His Paralysed Owner After A Road Accident

There’s nothing like a good support system to keep you afloat when it feels like life is bringing you down. When one man was feeling down on his luck, he got the most support from the most unexpected place. This man’s dog was there to prove that dog really is man’s best friend.

20. Support System

When life gets rough there’s nothing like a good support system to help see you through. When one man’s life underwent tragedy, he found help in the most unexpected place!

19. Accident

A few years ago, Alarcon was involved in a tragic motorcycle accident. The accident left him paralyzed and unable to walk anymore. It was a hard reality for him to bear.

18. Unexpected Help

It was during this time that Alarcon was most in need of support. That’s when he received help from a very unexpected place. It came from a dog!

17. The Dog

Digong the dog has stayed by Alarcon’s side since the day he was born. The dog is now 7 months old and he refuses to leave his dad’s side. The two of them share an unbreakable bond.

16. Helpful Pup

Not only does Digong stay by Alarcon’s side but he is also an incredibly helpful pup as well. Alarcon no longer has to worry about making his way through the streets of the Philippines on his own with Digong around. You won’t believe how he helps…

15. Pushing Around

Digong is an incredibly loyal companion to Alarcon. As they travel throughout their city of Davao, Philippines,  Digong actually nudges Alarcon around in his wheelchair. It’s an astonishing sight.

14. Seeing It

Many people would spot them on the streets, however, none were as amazed as one woman in particular. When this woman saw the pair traveling throughout the town she was blown away by the situation.

13. The Woman

The woman was named Faith Revilla and she was traveling along the street with her husband Danjo when she spotted the pair.  She couldn’t believe that Digong was actually pushing Alarcon around in a wheelchair so she decided to snap a photo.

12. Amazing Moment

That very moment I just thought that it was really amazing and impossible,” Revilla told The Dodo. Revilla and her husband had never seen anything like that before. They decided to do something out of the ordinary as well.

11. Introductions

Faith and Danjo decided to walk over and introduce themselves to the man and his dog. They were very curious about how this special bond between them started.

10. The Story

The three of them began to talk and Alarcon began to share the story of how he and Digong’s strong bond was started. Faith was astonished by the story…

9. Caring Puppy

He’s a caring puppy,” Revilla said. “The wheelchair pushing started when Digong saw Danilo stop and rest while maneuvering his wheelchair, and the dog just out of the blue started pushing his wheelchair using its head.”

8. Mutual Friendship

However, the friendship is far from one-sided for this pair. Alarcon is always more than happy to help out his pup whenever he needs it. After all, he is already so grateful for his pup’s help.

7. Lap Ride

If the dog gets tired, it will go in front of Danilo and Danilo will allow Digong to sit on his lap,” Revilla said. Revilla then began to take some videos of the pair as they went about their daily routine. However, she knew she couldn’t keep the touching moment to herself.

6. Facebook Post

Revilla decided to upload the footage onto Facebook. The video has since been viewed over 100,000 times. Everyone is completely enamored by the wonderful friendship shared between these two.

5. Heartwarming

Heartwarming scene of a dog’s unconditional love towards its master,” Revilla wrote on the site. “I mean, I thought this only happened in TV shows, but this was a very real scene. I’m out of words to describe my emotions right now.”

4. Buffet Feast

Revilla then decided to invite the pair to her favorite buffet restaurant for lunch as a “special treat.” Everyone was so happy to have met each other. Have they all kept in contact since?

3. Visits

Alarcon and Digong have continued to make visits to meet up with Faith and her husband. They all got along so well that they knew they couldn’t leave things to a one-time meeting.

2. Man’s Best Friend

Dogs truly are man’s best friend,” Revilla said. “If we genuinely care, respect and love them, they will surely do the same for us, too.”

1. Power of Friendship

Digong’s dedication to Alarcon truly shows us the power of friendship. It is so wonderful that during such a rough time, Alarcon was able to find a support system in his pooch.