Watch Mysterious Siren Bosco in ‘Slippin’

 Watch Mysterious Siren Bosco in SlippinPhoto courtesy of

Haunting vocals, smooth reverberating drums, and a mystical, rose-tinged  music video… what more could you ask from mysterious Atlanta-based siren Bosco? Slippin is a smooth antidote to any issues you’re having, and the video itself is eerie and trance-inducing in its simplicity. Light, airy vocals, reminiscent of Brandy, don’t slip easily into one genre. There are elements of everything; trip-hop, experimental RnB, soul, pop all make an appearance but none overwhelms. The video’s backdrop, an ethereal forest setting,  is tinged a red rose while the singer remains in full color, slipping in and out of shots. The camera sometimes spins too fast and cuts frames too quickly, but if anything, it only amplifies the spacey, trance-y effects of the music.

Admittedly, it’s very difficult to find information about the mysterious siren Bosco online. Aside from a few short features on Hypetrack and Noisey more than a few months ago, searches come out with sparse results. You’ll have to do a bit of digging to get any solid links or information on this artist. This may be because Bosco is returning from a long hiatus. The artist once produced music as a Brittany Bosco, and has since rebranded herself as simply Bosco. For a taste, you can check out this song It Was You’ which features a distinctly jazzier style than any of Bosco’s current projects.

Her latest, and perhaps most exciting collaboration, is a joint track with Treasure Fingers called Names released through Fool’s Gold. Names is a different breed altogether. Somewhere between nu-disco and vogue house, it harnesses tropical and hip-house vibes that might make it a summer jam.

Bosco seems to weave in and out of genres, so it will be exciting to see what she produces next. As far as musical influences go, she notes St. Vincent, Sade, Janet Jackson, George Benson, Alanis Morissette and especially Nat King Cole. She also credits  “a lot of instrumentals and mixes as well…inspired by Machine Drum, Knxwledge, NEVR, Ryan Hemsworth, Kaytranada, and Vault Boyz.” Bosco explains “I like a lot of experimental producers and DJs because they have their hands on the pulse. I love that element of mystery. You never know what songs will be on the mix.” Watch the ‘Slippin’ video here, and follow Bosco on Soundcloud here.