Wasteland Hop – Ashes to Axis

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Wasteland Hop’s stop-motion music video for “Ashes to Axis” maintains a closeup of a terrain of dark dirt and rock. An old, reddish brown world map is slowly covered by the dark dirt, and black ash lines appear in geometric patterns on top. Small strings emerge from the earth, moving along, creating patterns as well and diving in and out of the ground. Cigarette butts splay open, giving way to unlit matches, all of which turn black as ash, fitting in with the lyrics, “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” Shards of glass, broken off from a bottle wiggle oddly, until the earth sucks them in under the dirt, reappearing as string and then black ash again. Even pieces of paper, possibly the map, are burning into ash. All three, strings, glass, and ash, dance in geometric shapes, keeping time with the music, even as it speeds up, faster and faster towards the end of the song.

Directed by Timothy David Orme
Music by Wasteland Hop

Website: wastelandhop.com
Facebook: facebook.com/wastelandhop