Wampire – Wizard Staff

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Wampire’s video for “Wizard Staff” is all kinds of quirky-geeky strange. The story focuses on two suburban detectives who are charged with finding a mysterious bearded wizard, after a woman comes to their office with a story and a sketch. Half of their antics are preposterously serious, with beige trench coats, binoculars, and complex bulletin boards making up the tools for their undercover hunt. The other half are just preposterous. The “Wiz Biz Inc.” team cruises on a bicycle-built-for-two, later switching it up to charge around town on rollerblades. They stray from their mission several times with psychedelic trips, one at a saxophone concert called “Sax Addict,” and another on the living room rug of a random, half-robed pianist. Just as they begin to lose focus again, spit-take laughing over a book of wizard jokes, their culprit comes for them. The final scene shows shaky hands surrounding a crystal ball, with the wizard’s red face laughing villainously from within.

From Wampire’s full-length album, Bazaar, out now.
Available here:
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Rdio – http://on.rdio.com/1xlUZkL

Directed by Robbie Augspurger
Starring – Wampire as The Detectives, Aaron Jimenez as The Wizard, Cara Swift as The Client/The Saxophone Player, and Thomas Hoganson as The Piano Player
Producer – Robbie Augspurger
Editor and VFX – Robbie Augspurger
Director of Photography – Robbie Augspurger
Art Director – Robbie Augspurger
Illustrations and liquid light imagery – Kevin Noonan
Production Assistant – John Egan
Special thanks to the Hollywood Theatre, Eric Earley, Roger Hancock, Eric Lee and Mark Mills
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