Walt & Vervain – Babe’s Lair

French dream pop group Walt & Vervain’s animated video for “Babe’s Lair” follows the silhouette of a young girl on a strange, simple adventure. The opening scene shows the girl on a small boat, rowing through the mist until she approaches land. Once there, she hops off of the boat, walking purposefully through the marshy, dim setting at which she’s arrived. What looks like confetti begins falling from the sky, and large windmills spin in the distance as she walks through the grass. We discover that the girl has been traveling to town all along and, once there, she’s groomed in preparation to meet her suitor. Scenes become darker and hazier as she ventures through town to a dock, where she’s directed to a large boat. Once she boards it, she’s united with the captain, and the two share a romantic swim. The mysterious video concludes with the ship sailing away as a volcano erupts in the distance.

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Directed by Joseph
A tribute to the german expressionists, Lotte Reiniger, and Limbo.