Walt Disney: 15 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Walt Disney was an incredible man. A few days back, PPcorn shared some crazy facts about him that you would never believe. Here are the rest of the group.

Number Eight: He Was Innovative When Bored. His inspiration to make Disneyland occurred when he was waiting for his child to get off the merry go round. At first, the project was meant to be simple and small but quickly became more and more ambitious.

Number Seven: He Helped the War Effort. Although the man was too young when he signed up for WWI, he helped the effort by producing propaganda posters, and then later signed up for the Red Cross.

Number Six: He Voiced Mickey. When he was unsatisfied with the way the voice turned out in the early years, Walt decided to voice the famous character. The result was so successful that he continued to do so for nearly 20 years.

Number Five: His Last Words: “Kurt Russell.” For some strange reason – nobody understands why – two of the last words Disney wrote were “Kurt Russell.” Some people think that it might have been a coincidence: that Kurt Russell may have been the name of a fan. Regardless, it remains a mystery.

Number Four: He Was Train-Obsessed. One of the reasons why the man was inspired to create Disneyland was due to his love of trains. He loved building them, and they became a great way for the man to escape when things were tough at the studio.

Number Three: The First Day of Disneyland Was a Mess. Despite its obvious success in modern times, the first day that Disneyland was open for the public was a complete mess. They had to rush production in general, but in addition, many people made counterfeit tickets, and rides broke down. Talk about a fiasco!

Number Two: He Wasn’t Frozen. We’re not talking about the musical that was released a couple of years ago that everyone is obsessed about. When Disney died, there was a rumor that the man was cryogenically preserved, which meant that he would have been able to come back to life, had science found a way in time. However, this is only just a rumor. In reality, he was cremated.

Number One: He Beats Them All. This inspiring man has been the recipient of more Academy Awards than anyone else. In total, he has won 22 Oscars and was even nominated for nearly 60. How amazing! We hope you enjoyed our list of 15 things you didn’t know about Walt Disney!