Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance

Alternative band Walk the Moon‘s music video for their hit single “Shut Up and Dance” is extremely quirky, a bit strange, and incredibly hilarious. It begins with the lead singer of the group, Nicholas Petricca, awkwardly strolling into a 70s-style club and failing several times to get a girl to notice him. Finally, he spots a girl across the room who is as eccentric as he is, and the two spark up a connection. The music video is full of bright colors, and Petricca can be seen sporting an all-white outfit, digitally modified to make it seem as if his clothes are multi-colored. The video also features several graphics and cartoons, including a boxing glove knocking Petricca’s head off of his body and Petricca and his female counterpart getting married by a priest in an elephant mask. However, without a doubt, the best part of this video is Petricca showing off his awkward dance moves. The music pauses and Petricca can be seen dancing terribly as a crowd stares, makes horrified faces, and slurps their drinks in the dead silence. Hopefully Walk the Moon continue to make great music and put out great music videos like this one. Without further adieu, we hope you enjoy the video, Walk the Moon – Shut Up and Dance.