Wale ft. Usher: ‘Matrimony’ Music Video Review

“If there is a question of my heart, you got it…” Usher assures her in the excellently choreographed music video for “Matrimony,” which is from Wale’s last album The Album ABOUT NOTHING. Wale has been on a steady stride to dominating the industry, and as much as this album wasn’t quite so grandiose as anticipated, it was still a masterpiece. “Matrimony” is one of the most anticipated videos on this album. Wale released the video which is one of the most celebrated collaborations in the music business right now. Is it everything we imagined and expected? I certainly think so.

This video is great on many fronts; the setup, the theme is well maintained both for the song and the video, the gentlemen are smart and the storyboard is compelling. First of all, I must commend Wale on the excellent choice of the artist to feature. Usher executes his chorus in the most believable way for a song about marriage. It is easily believable having Usher sing on this song because this gentleman makes love and sex seem like the greatest gift. Which is true. He just makes it sound a whole lot more amazing.

The matrimony video has “perfect wedding” written all over it. The colors are just right. White and black with white dominating. The wedding planner or I could say choreographer that set up this video had their act quite impressively put together. I have never been this excited about a wedding. The chapel and wedding hall are beautifully decorated and the happy people make it all very pleasant. But whose wedding was it?

We get to see Wale smartly dressed in a suit with his dreadlocks pulled back and neatly tied. Wale looks fresh and clean in this video. He is full of regret on the song and as he narrates his chronicle with this lady he once dated, they show you flash backs from their time together. Speaking of which, this lady was a goddess. Wherever they pick these vixens from, it must be paradise for extraordinarily attractive beautiful women? They chose a woman that frankly makes you think about having your bride looking that good when that day comes. Women naturally look beautiful in their wedding gowns but how many of them can be described as “Hot” in those gowns? Not many, but the one in this video can be.

Usher is playing his gentleman card in this video. The hair is freshly and almost completely cut, the black suit with the white shirt gives him an elegant look and the beard is trimmed into a goatee. He graciously sings the chorus seated on a dark piano and displays swell emotions as he plays. When he is not on the piano, he is standing in what looked like a room in a chapel or he is walking around with his walking stick that complements the suit to add a more detailed touch of elegance.

The story tells us Wale’s almost tragic tale as he loses the love of his life and if you are familiar with the song’s lyrics you will remember Wale also talking about them losing their baby. Wale is a very sad man on this song and the video absolutely displays this. It is vividly brought out in the story. This woman he lost and is rapping about in this song is not in the same predicament as he is. She moved on and the well set up wedding venue I have been describing is for her wedding. She is with someone else now and this is the wedding Wale may or may not crash. Will his fortune change by the end of the video? I wish I could give you that spoiler but I don’t want to. Look out for this incredible video and see what happens.