Von Pariahs – Skywalking

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Ominous toy zombies figurines and Terminator-like robots occupy Von Pariahs stop-motion music video for “Skywalking.” The camera floats overhead, surveying a rocky, dust covered terrain, when suddenly an arm forces its way out the ground before a monument reminiscent of an Egyptian goddess whose eyes illuminate when she is struck by lightning. Her eyes redirect the lightning into the ground in front of her, and an undead pilot emerges. We follow him back to his aircraft, which lies wrecked and half buried in the dirt. The airplane becomes “alive” again as soon as its pilot takes the controls, wires re-connecting themselves, TV screens re-illuminating to show the human Von Pariahs performing on stage. Passengers on the plane also awaken, including the undead members of the Von Pariahs, who continue to read magazines, drink and sleep as the pilot flies the plane into a suspicious looking storm cloud. The ride gets dangerously bumpy again as the zombie pilot navigates through the storm, leading us to a concert in the sky.  

Production : Le Groupuscule / Manuel Cam
Direction / Photography / Editing : Simon Gesrel
Animation : Julien Jourdain de Muizon / Nicolas Capitaine / Rémi Brissaud / Sylvain Derosne / Simon Gesrel
Set and Props : Simon Gesrel / Morgane Baux / Marie Merigot / Alice Fernandez / Rémi Brissaud
Puppet design : Alexandre Grynagier
Post-production : Julien Maurin / Simon Gesrel / Julien Baret / Kenjy Bourgeois
Studio shooting : Manuel Cam Studio
Thanks to : Jean-Louis Padis / Le Groupuscule / Frédéric Poulain / Didier Rouget / Xavier Ehretsmann / Ophelie Mettais Cartier / Fx Elements.com / SPPF / FCM

Website: vonpariahs.com
Facebook: facebook.com/vonpariahs