Von Pariahs Creeps You Out With Skywalking

Skywalking web

Get your weekend kicked off right with a very well done and deliciously creepy stop motion music video. The name of the video by Von Pariahs is “Skywalking”, not Sleepwalking like some idiot who posts on Twitter would think. The video is a visual feast with some impressive monuments, organically moving characters, and one hell of a sky.

The story of the video seems straight out of The Twilight Zone: A plane has crashed in the middle of the desert killing every human being inside. Fortunately, the newly resurrected pilot is able to rebuild the plane and revive the crew in a few moments without the need of a montage. Literally all hell breaks loose on the plane once the dead are awakened. Soon after, the pilot flies the plane into an ominous buildup of pink cloud where he encounters something completely unexpected.

On one hand commenting on the visuals would be rather redundant since the video is just a scroll and a half away for you to see, but on the other hand I do have a minimum word count I need to hit so I’ll explain what makes this a favorite of mine. The start of the video evokes Shelley’s poem “Ozymandias” with ruins everywhere along the ground, with contributions from every time period. This graveyard of society’s monuments and technology allowed for a cool juxtaposition of man’s mortality against an immortal zombie coming back to life.

The song itself is loud and relentless that it prevented me from completely focusing. That’s not a bad thing, rather it adds significantly to the experience. The song transforms the video into a run away train of sorts. It’s a wild disaster that shows no sign of stopping so all the viewer can do is hold on tight and see where they end up.

The French band Von Pariahs accurately describe themselves as a mixture of rock and punk with a hefty dose of 80s influence. While most of the band hail from France, lead singer Sam Sprent is from the island of Jersey in between France and England. Von Pariahs are currently touring all over Europe at them moment but will conclude their journey in Canada with an August 1st concert in Montreal.

Check out the video below for yourself. If it achieves the right amount of disturbing feel free to visit Von Pariahs Facebook and website.