Vitalic – Stamina

French electronic artist Vitalic presents us with a primetime TV crime mystery reminiscent of most modern police dramas. The story behind “Stamina” is based on the propaganda we are fed day in and day out – the need to be fit and kill ourselves to meet the standards of the media. Here we see men and women falling for the get fit quick scheme that buys into a hallucinogenic, speed-like drug leading to their demise unless they can conquer their food demons. Vitalic blends popular House with an Industrial touch. The loose and humanistic synth leads and guttural swarming bass, accompany the song’s four to the floor pulse, carrying us on an epileptic journey filled with subliminal messages. For instance, the words “FAT” or “MEAT” along side images of savory hamburgers. The struggle is real and Vitalic knows it. In this PSA of a video, the message is clear: never trust hamburgers.

Directed by Saman Keshavarz 
Written by Saman Keshavarz and Nate Eggert
Taken from Rave Age LP out in November 2012
Citizen Records/Pias Recordings