Vitalic – Poney Part 1

Vitalic’s video for “Poney Part 1” starts off strangely with slow motion images of different breeds of dogs doing different things. It’s hard to tell what is going on besides the fact that each dog might be being tossed in the air, or possibly dropped suddenly, because all of their eyes get huge before they move, and then all of their fur goes in one direction, as if gravity is shifting rapidly. Maybe they’re being blown upwards by a large fan under their feet or something, because their skin seems to move as if it is being pushed by an invisible force; it is definitely one of the more confusing videos to tell what is going on, even though everything is in slow motion, ironically. That is basically the video; it is definitely disorienting enough to go with the odd techno beat it has, and maybe it is thought provoking – it is just hard to figure out what thoughts it provokes exactly …  

Directed by Pleix