Vitalic – Fade Away

French electronic music artist Vitalic’s video for “Fade Away” watches like your favorite action-packed thriller. The video opens to a conversation between a hit man and his client, as he’s explaining that he’s just “dropped anchor,” or, in other words, successfully killed his target. As the synth-filled music fades in, he walks away, only to be shot by someone who apparently had a hit out on him. The suspenseful video continues to take bold twists as this hit man is ambushed, just minutes later, by another unexpected, but well-trained, killer. The killing pattern is mixed up a bit when this hit man is shot in the neck by a hit woman. The expertly interwoven plot follows this theme throughout, and the targets and their relationships to their killers only get more complex as the video progresses. To find out who makes it out alive, click play and bob your head along to this mind-bending music video!

Video made for “Fade Away” EP, taken from Rave Age album
EP released on March 2013 (digital only with remixes from Vitalic, C2C & Noob)
Fade Away on Vimeo | Fade Away on YouTube
Directed by Romain Chassaing
Production Company: Solab Pictures & Premiere Heure/Excuse my French
Producers: Nicolas Tiry, Edouard Chassaing, Constance Guillou
Cast (in order of appearance):
Killer #1 Miglen Mirtchev
Killer #2 Jacky Nercessian
Killer #3 Pascal Decolland
Killer #4 Louise Grinberg
Killer #5 William Nadylam
Killer #6 Jonathan Genet
Killer #7 Paul Hamy
Killer #8 Yohan Pisiou
Killer #9 Emmanuel de Sablet
Killer #10 Kamel Labroudi
Steadicam Operator: Loic Andrieu
Cinematographer: Fabien Benzaquen
Focus Poller: Nourédyne Amroun
Gaffer: Clément Melot
Key Grip: Bertrand Val
Sound: Arnaud Marten
1st Assistant Director: Antoine Ricard
2nd Assistant Director: Adèle Boyé
Set Decorator: Clémentine Nithart
Set Decorator Assistant: Jean-Baptiste Pascal
Costume Designer: Agathe Wesolek
Costume Designer Assistant: Salomé Plas
Special Make-Up Effects Artist: Mathieu Baptista
Make-Up Artist: Laetitia Quillery
Stunt Coordinator: Fred Alhinho
Stunt Coordinator Assistant: Antoine Piquet
Armorer: Marc Lemeslier – Maratier
Production Manager: Rémi Veyrié
Production Manager Assistants: Florence Coustenoble, Marie Claire Neveu, Grégory Moro
Post Producer Executive: Louis Arcelin
Post Coordinator: Rachel Hue
Post Producer: Aurélie Lobin
Film Editor: Emilie Orsini
Colorist: Muriel Archambaud
Flame Artists: Benjamin Ravalec, Cyril Sozzi
Consulting: St George
Sound Production: Schmooze

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Les services techniques du Touquet-Paris-Plage, François Devulder & le Parc Equestre, Philippe Cotrel & le Rotor Club, La région Nord-Pas-de-Calais, la CCI Côte d’Opale et le port de pêche de Boulogne sur mer, Le Lutetia, Philippe Daraux & Mis en Demeure, Martine Lapertot, Jean Marcel Crusiaux, Véronique Bouffard & l’agence Zelig, Mathieu Laviolette & Adequat, Olivier Kahn, Yacouta Laghouag & VMA, Nicolas Derouet & Art Media, Maxime Delaunay, Roger Zippel, Martine Leuillier, Bernard Baudoux, Goerges Laurent, Valérie & Bertrand Tiry, Franck & Le Fireman, Euronor, Surface to Air, SCPP