Violette – Falling Strong

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Violette is back with another lighthearted music video that will once again make your stomach fill with butterflies and your heart melt like a popsicle. “Falling Strong” is about two different worlds set in the Big Apple. The screen is split in half to portray the daily routines of a woman (left side) and a man (right side). The early bird treats herself to a healthy breakfast while the sun rises. The man on the other hand, is a night owl who wakes up to a donut and a cup of joe as the sun sets. Both work in the same restaurant called the Riviera. She’s a waitress during the day and he’s the bartender during the night.

Louis Cato, also a singer-songwriter, features as the male vocals on the track and music video. Violette asks her male partner if this love she feels is wrong or right. She mentions that she’s never felt a love like this before, but has lately pictured herself wearing white. Cato comes in and answers with “don’t worry… Let our hearts be free.” He’s done playing “the game” and chasing women away. The two worlds collide and the man and woman find themselves in each others arms. Let’s take a moment to appreciate that special someone we have in our lives. And let’s thank Ms. Violette and Mr. Cato for a music video so beautifully presented with romantic lyrics and soulful music.

A FIAT LUX Production
Directed by VIDEODROME
“Falling Strong” written and performed by Violette and Louis Cato
Starring Claudine Quadrat and Jacopo Rampini
Produced by Antoine Manceaux
Production Manager – Jonathan Arapis
1st Assistant Director – Frédéric Dietz
2nd Assistant Director – Morgane Becerril
Script Supervisor – Hugo Masse
Production Assistant – Jonathan Charles
Director of Photography – Pierre Wrobel
1st Assistant Camera – Romain Sidan
2nd Assistant Camera – François Brie
Gaffer – Jordan Stupnicki
Production Designer – Adrien Giraux
Assistant Designer – Anatole Vigliano
Hair and Make Up – Hinano Leung/Jennifer Bishop
Hair and Make Up (Violette) – Shannah Pryatel