Vin Diesel Hits the High Notes for Sam Smith’s Stay With Me

Vin Diesel Hits the High Notes for Sam Smith's Stay With MePhoto Courtesy of Capitol FM

What do you know? It turns out the voice of The Iron Giant can hit a high note or two.

In a recent interview with Capital FM, the deep-voiced, hulking movie star Vin Diesel offered to showcase his rarely seen musical talent. His choice of song? Sam Smith‘s romantic “Stay With Me.” With a printed page of lyrics handy, Diesel made his way through the song with minimal stumbles and capped it with a surprising falsetto from his gigantic vocal chords. At the end everyone in the room enthusiastically applauded over Diesel’s exasperated confession “I don’t know I did that!”

Though it’s surprising to hear such a deep voice hit so high a note, those familiar with the actor’s previous musical work know better. It turns out this wasn’t the first time the great Vin Diesel forayed into the world of Hip Hop, as shown in this video from last year of him singing karaoke to “Stay” by Rihanna. The results are pretty surprising, though there seems to be a common theme in Diesel’s music choices.

FDRMX wrote before about the strong influence music appears to have on Diesel’s upcoming Summer action film Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s unlikely that Diesel will be contributing to that musical vibe due to the fact he is playing an anthropomorphic tree who can only say “I am Groot” again and again (and he’s not even the weirdest one). Despite this, It’s certain that a music lover like Vin Diesel still appreciates the killer soundtrack his film will boast when it hits theatres this Friday.

As if this weren’t enough of Vin Diesel being musical for the day, he also made a breakdancing appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  He is certainly a man of many talents.

Do his vocals really impress that much? Take a look at the Capital FM video for yourself and make your own judgments.