Vial of Sound – A Lifetime Passed

Hailing from Tempe, Arizona, Vial of Sound’s music video for their electronic song “A Lifetime Passed” is a mass of colorful morphing blob shapes. Very few have faces, but those that do have faces like that of a fox, an angry human clown, a bird, or even just a simple black dots for eyes, black line for mouth face. Soon the faceless blobs take over the previously black background, and the central blobs continue to morph into various obscure shapes and images. One looks similar to animated salmon trying to swim upstream, their efforts being futile. Other writhing, rippling blobs are reminiscent of a demon from a Miyazaki film, while one rainbow worm in particular recalls a now ancient coloring software. The shapes twist and flutter and gyrate into friendly and more sinister forms. Some emulate centipede or leech or deep sea creature forms. At the same time, some look more like familiar, Saturday morning cartoon faces.

A music video made for Vial of Sound (VOS) for a song from their “Substance Organique Volatile” EP
You can get the vinyl through here.