Verveine – Sidestep

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Take a ride to the wrong side of town in this seedy music video for Sidestep by Swiss Electronica artist Verveine. While the music is energetic and vibrant, the viewer’s driver throughout the journey is anything but. A blonde haired and brutal thug takes the wheel throughout the treacherous night and delivers ominous packages to different individuals. Along the way he takes the time to chain smoke and torment an innocent pedestrian for his own amusement. Later on he repeatedly delivers a rather unwanted delivery to the face of one of his customers.

Verveine’s lyrics lament, “you never find who we are.” The vocal repetition of the word “who” creatively reinforces this theme while complimenting the synthesized sound. While self-identification is important, the blonde haired “delivery man” seems to fear it, often sidestepping his reflection throughout his journey. That is, until the very end where he takes a long, heartbreaking look at the man he is. It’s a profound end to one unforgettable ride.


Directed by Simon Wannaz